Purunã Observatory - Shipping Container Educational Astronomy Science Building

Floor plans / Drawings
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ProjectObservatório Purunã (Purunã Observatory)
ArchitectsBruno Zaitter architect
Area45 m²
Containers1 x 40 ft and 1 x 20 ft
LocationBalsa Nova, Brazil
ManufacturersBerneck, Blue Glass, Gerdal, Monte Claro Woods

Description by the project team. 

The Purunã Observatory, located in the Metropolitan Region of the city of Curitiba, is a space designed to view the universe in a didactic way. This is a dream of a photographer who loves space and its natural phenomena.

Built in just 38 days, this project has a large part of donated materials. Among these materials, two shipping containers (a 12 meter shipping container and another 6 meter long shipping container) were used as a structural solution for fast, clean and economical construction.

Inside the 6 meter long shipping container there is an exclusive space for a telescope. Right in front of you there is a concrete deck to slide the machinery, and then you can view the sky in full. In the 12 meter long container, there is a classroom and a dormitory for two people, both equipped with a sanitary installation.

The wooden deck and roof are used to enhance the experience of watching the stars and everything else that the sky has. The east, west and south façades are completely lined with planks of high claved pine wood. However, the north façade reveals the use of shipping containers as a shelter amid local agriculture.

Floor plans / Drawings

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Purunã Observatory - Shipping Container Educational / Astronomy Science Building