Simple Shipping Container Home Built with 2x40 ft Containers and Elevated Roof

It is a place that invites you to live more simply, freely and lightly.

Floor plans / Drawings
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ProjectCasa Abierta Container (Open House Container)
ArchitectsConstanza Domínguez C., Plannea Arquitectura
Area95 m²
Containers1x40 ft HC and 1x40 ft STD
LocationLa Compañía, Chile
SuppliersBASF, Ceresita, Cintac, Cintac®, Melón Hormigones, Pizarreño, Volcan, Winko, Acma, Behr Specialty, Containers Patagonia, Ferretería Higuerillas, Rotoplastic, Transaco, Villalba

Description by project team.

It was born as an urgent and circumstantial project. This then transforms into an elemental space, giving the feeling of versatility, flexibility and connection to nature.

Open House Container can be used as a home or as a multi-purpose space. The two containers are connected by a large cover (elevated roof), which produces an open space. This allows the house to be extended and transformed at certain times of the day in an artistic workshop or architectural office and at other times in a yoga room and a crossfit box.

It is a place that invites you to live more simply, freely and lightly. A direct relationship with nature is established in its close relationship with the outside. The habitable module has large windows that connect the interior space with the surroundings, giving the feeling of expansion.

The project has a minimum of environmental impact, since elements decommissioned from the industrial world (shipping containers) and the agricultural world (fruit pallets for furniture) were used. The main advantages of this system are recycling, speed of construction, cost reduction and optimization of materials.

The project sought to solve the need to install a warehouse in a reused 40´STD maritime container (interior height 2.40 m). To take advantage of the space and give it a more versatile use, a second module was added, consisting of a reused 40'HC maritime container (interior height 2.70m) that enabled a bedroom, a common space and a bathroom.

The parallel arrangement separated by 6 meters between the two modules generates an intermediate space that is covered with a higher metallic structure (elevated roof) that covers the entirety of the 2 containers. The resulting space is transformed into a habitable solution with an articulating role between the 2 elements.


Understanding the project by the parts that make it up.

  • Environment: Natural context of soft hills, protective trees and silence.
  • Container warehouse: It plays a fundamental role as a support for the intermediate space by having its entire longitudinal face closed.
  • Habitable Container: It fulfills the function of solving the need for a room and being indoors.
  • Intermediate space: Being open at both ends, it becomes a semi interior and exterior space with a multi-purpose.
  • Elevated Roof: Provides spaciousness and gives a feeling of shelter. It generates an effect of thermal regulator due to air circulation due to the height difference and for having its perimeter open. Its slope allows the use of a second level on the warehouse container.
  • Wraparound layer: The wood cladding adds warmth and harmony, breaking with the hardness of the metal. It works as a ventilated façade as it is separated from the metal cladding and ventilated at both ends.
  • Stove: It acts as a finish to the intermediate space, providing a cozy and intimate touch, integrating the landscape with the construction.

Products used in this work:

Volcanite for interior - gypsum cardboard - Volcan
METALCON® construction system - Cintac®

Floor plans / Drawings

About Plannea Arquitectura

We are an office oriented to the integral service of architecture that encompasses projects of different nature such as corporate offices, hotels, interior, residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. Composed of a team of architects, designers and draftsmen, and with collaborations with important foreign firms, Plannea remains current and present to the architectural need of today.
Partners: Rodrigo Domínguez D. and Patricia Claro S.

Associates: Jorge Candia

Technical team: Rodrigo Domínguez D., Jorge Candia, Javier Sartori, Margarita Míguez, Arturo Gamundi, Katia Sipan, Nicolás Salgado.

Administrative team: Cristina Fariña, Margot González.

Office: Av. Kennedy 7900, of. 302, Vitacura, Santiago.


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AddressAv Kennedy 7900, Vitacura, Santiago
Phone+562 26119360

About Constanza Domínguez

Constanza Domínguez (1990, Santiago de Chile).

I was born into a family of artists, lovers of nature and outdoor life. Since I was little I had a very special sensitivity and connection with the Earth and the Sea, especially for its animals, which led me to form my venture ~ Poderanimal ~ @poderanimal_

The desire to create in all areas, led me to study Architecture at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile to graduate in 2015, always complementing my studies with various classes in painting, sculpture and engraving, in Chile, Portugal and Australia.

This connection between body, nature and soul is also complemented by my passion for yoga. I trained as an Anusara Yoga instructor in Chile and in Bali.

Currently I am dedicated to Architecture, my Power Animals illustrations and teaching yoga.

The most beautiful thing has been to be able to combine all my passions.

Simple Shipping Container Home Built with 2x40 ft Containers and Elevated Roof