Redondo Beach House - 2007 Design Excellence / Innovation AIA - Award Winner Shipping Container Home, California

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ProjectRedondo Beach House
DesignDeMaria Design
ArchitectPeter DeMaria
Area3000 square feet
LocationNorth Redondo, Redondo Beach, California
AwardsAIA 2007 Excellence in Design - Innovation Award

Description by architects

Like the work produced by the Master Builders of centuries past, this project is a direct result of the Architect’s re-insertion into the building design process and the method by which the project is constructed. This project is a Recycled Steel Shipping Container based building that also employs a combination of conventional stick frame construction and prefabricated assemblies. These materials result in an end product that is affordable and nearly indestructable. The modified shipping containers are mold proof, fire proof, termite proof, structurally superior to wood framing and along with various other “components” come together to create a system/kit of parts that is predicated on cost savings, construction timesavings, and energy/environmentally conscious priorities. Seventy percent of the building is efficiently created/assembled in a controlled shop environment where quality construction and fabrication are the highest priority. This project has been published and exhibited internationally and has given birth to a prefab shipping container based residential product line called Logical Homes.

Description by peerspace

The shipping containers are clearly visible from both the outside and the inside. The corrugated steel container walls have not been covered up with drywall.

In addition to the unique shipping container construction, two of the walls in the large two-story living room and kitchen combination are airplane hangar doors that open up flush to the roof. When these doors open, the living room feels as big as the entire back yard.

The backyard also has a 30-foot lap pool and spa.

The shipping container home is 3,000+ square feet with a subterranean 3 car garage, 4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bath, office, studio, gym, and living room kitchen combo on a 9,000 square foot lot. Interior design is very modern with stainless steel appliances, Hans Grohe faucets, concrete counters, concrete floors and original container floors.

Another plus is the accessibility. The back yard backs up to an extra-wide alley (2 lanes with sidewalks that deadends in a turnabout) that is perfectly suited to trucks of all sizes. Large parking lots and warehouses are available for use only a block away. The shipping container home is located in Redondo Beach, within 5 blocks of the 405 freeway.


Address3306 Vail Ave, Redondo Beach, CA 90278, USA

About DeMaria Design

DeMaria Design Assoc. is a creative and innovative design firm offering architecture, planning, branding and interior design services.

Our clients are bold, diverse and innovative - each seeking to define, explore, identify and/or present their own creative business culture or personal lifestyles through art and architecture.

In our quest to unlock the widest array of design possibilities, we explore disciplines and successful models/case studies beyond the boundaries of architecture. We team with experts, public and private entities and educational institutions from various fields in an unrelenting design process. Through collaboration, exploration, experimentation, re-adaptation and fabrication, powerful hybrid design solutions surface from a combination of non-traditional models.

Our creative work focuses on heterogeneous relationships – hybridism among culture, craft, material, form, function, technology and most importantly, people. Each of these elements serves in some capacity as a catalyst for positive change in our physical environment. Our studio is in a perpetual evolutionary state, unencumbered by historical prejudice/ mimicry.


Peter DeMaria A.I.A. - Architect

Master of Architecture, University of Texas at Austin

Andrew Thompson - Designer

Bachelor of Architecture, Southern California Institute of Architecture

Los Angeles, California

Address DeMaria Design, 642 Moulton Avenue, Studio W4, Los Angeles, CA 90031-3715, USA

Austin, Texas

Address Satellite Studio, Austin, TX 78738, USA

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Redondo Beach House - Design Excellence / Innovation AIA 2007 Award Winner Shipping Container Home, California